Scrap n’ Junk Auto Wreckers in London, ON

Scrap n’ Junk, located in London, ON are certified auto wreckers. Experienced, dedicated and hardworking are just to name a few of the qualities our business represents. We take pride and honour in the vehicles that we deal with and dismantle each part with care and ease. 

Car Disposal Service-Cash For Your Scrap Car Removal in Mississauga and TorontoWe are genuine, sincere and frank when discussing money. To save time, we prevent arguing with our customers for a couple of dollars here and there. This provides a memorable experience with each and every one of our customers. At Scrap n’ Junk, we have a full team of friendly, flexible and understanding individuals. Our multiple services offered to you makes us unique and special. If you are looking for a fast and easy removal of your auto vehicles, contact us for a FREE quote.

Your time is just as important as ours. We understand this and make it our prime concern to be punctual, flexible and congenial. One of our services is CASH for cars and we offer the highest amount of cash possible for your vehicle. We are then able to hand the car to our professional auto wreckers, so that they can deal with each and every part of the vehicle with care and responsibility. 

You want to ensure that you choose the correct and right auto wreckers. Scrap n’ Junk is your local and friendly business, who will put our customer and their vehicle before anything else. You might not see the potential in the old clunker that is sitting on your driveway, but our certified auto wreckers do. This is what truly makes us different than our competitors.

We stand by and support the rules and regulations provided by the Ministry. Old vehicles can often be a large risk of environmental damage and hazards, which is why we dismantle and follow the strict code towards all of our vehicles. We are also clean, ensuring that we leave no oil spill or leakage from all areas that we work in.

Our availability is extremely important to us as it is to you. If you were stuck on the side of the highway, on your own driveway or even in a parking lot we will be able to reach you in all areas. This is why we are open for your aid 24/7. Simply call, text or email us to learn more about our various services and our professional and certified auto wreckers in London, ON.

Estimates are free so call or text 647-492-2980 if you are looking for auto wreckers in London , ON.