Get Instant Cash For Cars in Scarborough, ON with FREE pickup and disposal of your junk car vehicle

Scrap n junk car is licensed and professional car buying service pay cash for cars. We have been serving the local community for last 5 years and instead of been expanding rapidly, we have reinvested all our resources in our company and now we have a fleet of the tow truck and recovery vehicles to serve all kinds of car removal situations. We have a team of well-trained professional on the road which serves you in timely and professional manner and super friendly staff in the office who not only provide you instant quotes but also guides you through the whole process step by step. Scrap n junk car removal is always happy and welcomes you to answer all your concerns.

Our location is in the city which enables us to pick your car as soon as within one hour. So if you are broke down in a parking lot or on the local street and you just want to get rid of your scrap car, just give us a call, and we will offer you our quick service and pay you cash for cars on spot.

A lot of companies offer, claim, and promise you to pay millions of dollars for your car. In fact, if you open the internet and check every company is offering you “Top Cash for Cars”. That’s more kind of keyword which means nothing in the real world. We understand that you are expecting money for your car. Scrap n junk car removal offers you the highest possible cash for your car. We are always fair when we quote you the price of the car to avoid bargaining at your doorstep.

When you have an unwanted scrap car in your possession and you want to sell it for scrap. Of course, you want to deal with the best company in the business, local to your area, cash for the car, and a licensed scrap company that follows all the environmental protocols and regulations. These are the basic points you are, or you should consider when you are dealing with an old clunker sitting on your driveway.

But there is a lot of misinformation in the market which is spread throughout the internet by luring the clients to offer huge cash, like thousands of dollars or a price that is too high to be true. Scrap n junk car removal is in the industry for the number of years and knows very much all ins and outs of the scrap cars and clients expectations. We make sure our customers paid fair cash for cars.

Some people call and ask a windfall of money of their old car and think their car worth maybe thousands of dollars. Sometime it could be true like if you have an antique 1969 mustang or something like that but if you have Nissan Altima 2002 or some other common car and you are expecting 1000$. This is not the worth of the car so you won’t be able to sell this car for cash 1000$ even you make calls to each and every company in the city.

Scrap car removal companies make the money out of the cars by paying cash for cars selling the metal of the car on the scale by weight. This is a big variable in determining the price of old cars. Because metal prices internationally fluctuating every month and ultimately your scrap car prices changes. On average, in 2014 the metal price was 400 /ton and people were getting paid better but since then the metal prices are sinking so as the scrap car prices are going down. So how much cash for car scrap you are getting depends upon the metal price.

In 2020, COVID-19 is a new phenomenon and it is affecting worldwide all commodity markets and metal is no exception. These days the metal prices are around $100/ton and you are getting paid accordingly the weight of your car.

So even on Google, every company is promising you a lot of money, the truth is you would not be able to sell your scrap car in thousands of dollars and you definitely won’t really get rich dealing with scrap car removal company when you turn in your dilapidated car.

Scrap n junk car Removal Company is a service business paying cash for cars and like any other business; we want to make some money in an honest way. we are not making a lot of money out of a  single car.

Being in the scrap car removal industry we know what are our clients need and what they expect from us, and we take it as our responsibility. We offer the service which you will never experience and our mission is our client’s satisfaction in scrap car removal service. We are professional, accommodating, easy-going and super friendly scrap car Removal Company. Please call us if you have any questions, and we will love to answer your questions.